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    Middle East and North Africa

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    Middle East and North Africa

    CountryAuthority   / Regulatory BodyMandatory   / VoluntaryCertificate   ValidityLegal   License HolderLocal   Representative Required?
    AlgeriaAutorité de Régulations de la Poste   et des Communications Electroniques (ARPCE)Mandatory2 yearsLocal RepYes
    BahrainDirectorate of Wireless Licensing,   Frequency & Monitoring (DWLF&M)Mandatory3 yearsLocal RepYes
    DjiboutiOffice Des Postes et des   Telecommunications, Ministere de la Communication, de la culture, charge des   postes et telecommunications (MCCPT)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    EgyptNational Telecom Regulatory   Authority (NTRA)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    IraqIraqi Communications and Media   Communications (CMC)Mandatory1 yearImporterNo
    IsraelMinistry of Communications (MOC)Mandatory5 yearsLocal RepYes; however it must be actual   importer
    JordanTelecommunications Regulatory   Commission (TRC)Mandatory1 yearLocal RepYes
    KuwaitCommunication and Information   Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA)Mandatory1 yearManufacturerNo
    LebanonMinistry of Telecommunications   (MOT)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    LibyaMinistry of Communications &   InformaticsMandatory5 yearsLocal RepYes
    MoroccoNational Telecommunications   Regulatory Agency (Agence National de Reglementation des Telecommunications,   ANRT)Mandatory10 yearsLocal RepYes
    OmanTelecommunications Regulatory   Authority (TRA)MandatoryIndefiniteLocal RepYes
    QatarSupreme Council of Information and   Communication Technology (ICT Qatar)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    Saudi ArabiaCommunications and Information   Technology Commission (CITC)Mandatory2 yearsManufacturerNo
    TunisiaCenter for Studies and Research of   Telecommunications (CERT - RF Approval) & ANCE (Encryption Approval)Mandatory3 yearsImporterYes; however it must be actual   importer
    United Arab EmiratesTelecommunications Regulatory   Authority (TRA)Mandatory3 yearsManufacturerNo
    YemenMinistry of Telecommunications and   Information TechnologyMandatory1 yearLocal RepYes