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    Europe and Central Asia

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    Europe and Central Asia

    CountryAuthority   / Regulatory BodyMandatory   / VoluntaryCertificate   ValidityLegal   License HolderLocal   Representative Required?
    AlbaniaTelecommunication Regulatory Entity   (AKEP)Mandatory5 yearsManufacturerNo
    AndorraServei de Telecomunicacions   d'Andorra (STA)VoluntaryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    ArmeniaPublic Services Regulatory   Commission (PSRC)Mandatory1 yearManufacturerNo
    AzerbaijanMinistry of Communications &   High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan – MCHTMandatory1 yearLocal RepYes
    BelarusMinistry of Communications and   Informatization of the Republic of BelarusMandatory5 yearsLocal RepYes
    European Union (EU)N/A: Manufacturer’s   self-declarationMandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    GibraltarGibraltar Regulatory Authority   (GRA)MandatoryIndefiniteLocal RepYes
    KyrgyzstanState Communications Agency under   the Government of the Kyrgyz RepublicMandatory1 yearManufacturerNo
    MacedoniaAgency for Electronic   Communications (AEC)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerNo
    MoldovaNational Regulatory Agency for   Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI)Mandatory3 yearsManufacturerNo
    MontenegroAGENTELNot RequiredNANANA
    RussiaFederal Telecommunication Agency   (FTA)Mandatory5 years (3 years for FAC   Declaration)Local RepYes
    SerbiaRegulatory Agency for Electronic   Communications and Postal Services (RATEL)Mandatory3 yearsManufacturerNo
    TajikistanCommunication Service under the   Government of the Republic of TajikistanMandatory1 yearManufacturerNo
    TurkeyInformation and Communication   Technologies Authority (BTK)MandatoryIndefiniteImporterYes; however it must be actual   importer
    TurkmenistanMinistry of Communication of   TurkmenistanMandatory6 monthsManufacturerNo
    UkraineState Service of Special   Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (UkrSEPRO)MandatoryIndefiniteManufacturerYes
    UzbekistanMinistry of Development of   Information Technologies and Communications (MITC)Mandatory1 year (without CIG023); 3 years   (with CIG023)ManufacturerNo